Cerebral Palsy Exercise Programme1

Exercise technique in Dyskinetic cerebral palsy part 2

Ashley Cerebral Palsy Exercise Lat Pull Down

Ashley performing a seated lat-pull down. Health & Fitness for Special Needs. More info at specialstrong.com.

Cerebral Palsy and Neck Tumor - 后脑麻痹及颈项生瘤见证分享

当时因为人特别容易感到疲倦,导致精神萎靡及失眠问题,所以希望可以通过《健康报》里找到治理的方法。庆幸的是, 我在《健康报》 里发现了许...

Introduction to Cerebral Palsy, Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani. Part 2

This is an instructive lecture of Cerebral Palsy introduction by Prof. Hisham Abdel-Ghani during Alhelal Hospital "Cerebral Palsy Symposium" held in Main ...

Sri Lanka Home x People x Home Electronic Disable Course

Il Centro Polivalente di Unawatuna ha rappresentato dal 2006 un Polo di Aggregazione e di Condivisione su problematiche Socio-Economiche e di Degrado ...

Dan Dingos Revenge

Earth Waratah.cc is speaking from the advance level manual, Storytelling. This is the first exercise from the Storytelling manual where the speaker has to tell a ...

Tour in Gait Lab

Introduction for gait lab. #Nexus, #polygon.

NP Disability Tool Kit: Young Patient with a Disability Health Care Experiences

Caring for People with Disabilities: The Nurse Practitioner Tool Kit. Interview with a young with a spinal cord injury discussing some of the positive and negative ...

Cerebral palsy day

Instagram r0nn15 Snapchat r0nn158 Twitter Ronster1000 Face book Ronnie Jacob Scope https://www.scope.org.uk Facebook page Ronnie's journey step by ...

Life with Cerebral Palsy: Hip X Ray and Swallow Study

Keeping our boys well involves frequent trips to the children's hospital. It means long drives, lots of waiting, missed naps and upended schedules. We've learned ...

Cleaning, Exercising & Humping! | Weekly Vlog 1

Hi everyone! This is our first weekly family vlog! I love having footage of the kids and Roxy to look back on, and this new hobby is the perfect thing to make me ...

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis to show the difference in our clients Gait before and After an assessment.

Cerebral Palsy and Me

Cerebral palsy and my life with it.

Disney CP Vlog 3

Kinda bored after coming home from shopping and made another one.

Supine Head Control

Dr Jay @ http://hartnettpt.com/ in Wilmington, DE demonstrates an exercise to improve head control in supine. As part of the developmental sequence, ...